Electric power becomes the “bellwether” of economic and social development in Autonomous Region

At 13:52 on July 24, 220 kV Erbao second line, 220 kV eastern line and 220 kV Erbao first line were put into operation smoothly, laying a solid energy foundation for the 10-million-ton steel base project of Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Company of Baosteel Group.

Baosteel 220 kV transmission line project involves three substations, two power plants and five lines in operation. The construction procedure is complicated, and the coordination work in the early stage of the line is extremely difficult. In ORDER TO PUT BAOSTEEL SUBSTATION into operation AS SOON as possible, Xinjiang Electric Power Company attaches great importance to it, and on the premise of ensuring safety and quality, it goes all out to grasp the construction period, and finally completes the power transmission project ahead of schedule.

In recent years, the development situation of Eight Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is good, and all indicators have made certain progress. These achievements cannot be achieved without the strong support of Xinjiang Electric Power Company. This is Baosteel Group Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Company general manager Chen Zhongkuan to Xinjiang electric power Company quality service work evaluation.

In order to better promote the construction of key projects in the autonomous Region, Xinjiang Electric Power Company launched the activity of “Power Supply Service Month of Key Projects in the Autonomous Region” in February this year. All the 55 new expansion projects of 110 kV and above planned to be put into production in 2012 were included in the key supervision. The information exchange mechanism was established, and regular customer contact meetings were held. Understand and master the construction progress, existing problems and demands of customers’ electricity projects, timely feedback the construction progress of power grid to customers, strengthen communication and cooperation, and improve the level of power supply services. Baosteel 220 kV transmission line project is the key supervision project this one. There is no doubt that electric power is becoming the “pioneer” and “bellwether” of economic and social development in the autonomous region.

“Xinjiang Electric Delivery” opens the “Big Channel” of energy

On May 13, as the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the central zhou yongkang, announced the commencement of the command, bearing the people of all ethnic groups in xinjiang “coal from the air, electricity to send the whole of China” dream and dream of hami south – zhengzhou – 800000 kv high-voltage direct current transmission project and the second line of 750 kv main xinjiang – the northwestern networking project officially started. It is expected that when completed in 2014, the Hami Nan-Zhengzhou ±800 kV UHVDC transmission project will set a new record for transmission capacity in the world.

China’s Spring Festival travel rush ends on Feb 16. Special trains carrying coal from Xinjiang began to replace buses on the busy outbound rail lines. Behind the door of the office of Gao Zhiming, deputy head of Hami Depot of Urumqi Railway Bureau, hangs a railway construction and operation plan. “Only coal from Hami region in Xinjiang can be shipped out. The plan now aims to ship 50 million tons of coal to the mainland in 2012, 100 million tons in 2015 and 500 million tons in 2020. It’s very stressful for Xinjiang’s transportation.” When saying this, Gao Zhiming looks serious.

In Hami Sandaoling mining area of Luan Xinjiang Coal Chemical Group Co., LTD., coal trucks come and go continuously. The production and sales of the company were once embarrassed due to the shortage of transportation capacity. “Last year’s total volume was around 5.5 million tons,” said Zhang Xianzhong, deputy director of the transportation section of Lu ‘an Xinjiang Coal & Chemical Group Co., LTD. “With new mines coming into operation this year, coal production has surged again, and the transportation capacity is even tighter.” Look at LUxin Group coal production capacity, that UHV project has been started this year, SHENHUA and LUXIN jointly set up a power generation company, a conversion of coal and electricity, LUXIN Group’s capacity bottleneck is also easily solved.

It is understood that with the implementation of the “Xinjiang electricity delivery” project, it will promote the transformation of Xinjiang’s energy and resources advantages into economic advantages, and significantly increase investment, employment and tax revenue. According to estimates, after converting coal into electricity locally, Xinjiang sends 165 billion KWH of electricity annually, using 80 million tons of coal. Compared with coal transportation, the industrial chain is further extended and the added value of resources is higher. It can directly drive investment up to 300 billion yuan, increase Xinjiang’s GDP by about 1.5 percentage points, create 60,000 jobs, indirectly create 300,000 jobs, and increase local government tax revenue by more than 2 billion yuan/year. Xinjiang will become an “electric Silk Road” linking the western frontier with the Central Plains, forming a new pattern of “coal walking from the air and electricity sending to the whole of China”.

Strong power grid to tamp the foundation for development of Xinjiang

The poet said: The sun is new every day.

Zhang Jianguo, general manager of Xinjiang Qiangdu Date Industry Co., has a deeper understanding of this saying: “It is the State grid that has created a new sun for the development of our enterprises.” The company, established in October 2009, has developed 30,000 mu of red date planting area in Washixia Township, Ruoqiang County, Bazhou, Xinjiang. Every time an electric pump is used to draw water from the land, it accounts for almost a third of the county’s electricity production. Once the power supply is tight, in order to ensure the daily electricity consumption of county residents, they are often the first customers to be restricted.

On December 27, 2011, when the Luntai – Tazhong – Qiemo – Ruoqiang power transmission and transformation project was put into operation, Xinjiang’s main power grid extended to Qiemo and Ruoqiang counties. Zhang Jianguo no longer had to worry about power outages. “Thanks to the strong support of State Grid”. After Xinjiang’s main power grid was connected to Ruoqiang County, Zhang Jianguo arranged his staff to hang a banner in front of the office building. He wanted to express his joy at the arrival of the big power grid and his gratitude to the power sector in this way.

“Luntai – Tazhong – Qiemo – Ruoqiang power transmission and transformation project fully embodies the concept of ‘people’s livelihood first’ and has significant comprehensive benefits. It not only provides reliable power supply guarantee for oil and gas exploitation and processing in Tarim Basin, but also adds wings for economic take-off for Qiemo and Ruoqiang counties, which have the largest area in China. To the people of all ethnic groups in the two counties to send warmth, sent to the light, sent to increase income rich beautiful vision, let the people of the two counties to share the fruits of economic development and reform and opening up.” This is the deputy Party secretary of the autonomous region, the regional chairman Nur? Acrylic on the objective summary of the significance of this project.

In fact, Luntai – Tazhong – Qiemo – Ruoqiang power transmission and transformation project is only a small epitome of Xinjiang Electric Power Company’s achievements in power grid construction at all levels in 2011. On February 8, 2012, when the xinjiang feng-lei wang, the general manager of our company in the “two sessions” to the 2011 grid construction objective comprehensive summary, gratifying achievements to applause: the whole conference 750 kv, the further speed up the construction of backbone network frame and turpan, and phoenix – umm – general power transmission and transformation project north booster project successfully and put into production; Three projects, including Zhongdong Wucaiwan, Phoenix Substation expansion and Hami Nan-Zhengzhou UHVDC transmission terminal supporting, were approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. The Fenghuang – Wusu – Yili power transmission and transformation project was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. We intensified the construction of 220 kV and 110 kV projects, with 109 projects under construction and 93 projects put into production. The 220 kV Weili, Shawan, Jingyuan, Tokkuzma and other kurtosis summer projects have been put into operation on schedule, and the power supply capacity and reliability of the power grid have been significantly improved. The excellent rate of 220 kV and above power transmission and transformation projects reached 81 percent, a record high.

As a pilot industry and basic industry, Xinjiang Electric Power Company wrote a bright spot in 2011, and achieved a good start of the “12th Five-Year Plan”. For the development of Xinjiang Electric Power Company, 2012 is a year facing both opportunities and challenges. In the first half of this year, the growth rate of national electricity production fell from a year earlier, with eight provinces and regions in the State Grid operating area experiencing negative electricity sales growth in June. By comparison, the maximum power load of Xinjiang power grid has broken the historical record for 23 times since April, and the maximum daily power consumption has also repeatedly set new highs. The electricity sold by Xinjiang Electric Power Company reached 31.963 billion KWH, up 38.64% year on year, ranking first in China. The spring tide of Xinjiang’s leap-forward development has pushed the development of electric power to the unprecedented “most forward”, and the boosting and supporting role of electric power has also become the “key” in the economic and social development of the autonomous region.

In the face of the rapid growth of electricity demand in Xinjiang, the State Grid Corporation has given full play to the advantages of collectivism, innovated support measures, and increased the tilt of support to Xinjiang. In the four years after the 12th Five-Year Plan, the State Grid Corporation arranged 60.35 billion yuan to support the construction of Xinjiang’s power grid. Xinjiang Electric Power Company has planned ahead and accelerated the implementation of a number of key projects. This year, the investment scale of Xinjiang power grid construction at all levels ranks the second among provinces and regions of the state grid system, and the scale of power grid investment, construction and construction has reached a record high. At the same time of strengthening the construction of power grid, Xinjiang Electric Power Company takes the initiative to do a good job in power supply service, tracking the dynamic of key projects throughout the process to ensure timely power supply; We accelerated the process of electricity reporting and installation, and increased the capacity of electricity reporting and installation by 6,506,200 kVA, an increase of 96 percent year on year. We will vigorously upgrade rural power grids and build power in areas without electricity, with an annual investment of more than 6 billion yuan, which will provide electricity to 190,000 people without electricity and benefit more than 4 million farmers and herdsmen.

Post time: Aug-20-2012