What is the specific installation method of the spring of the cable reel?

In fact, most of us have heard of cable rollers and have some preliminary understanding of them. They are mainly used for heavy machinery and equipment. So, what is the specific installation method of the springs of cable reels? Let’s explore together.

First of all, before installing the spring, it is necessary to disassemble the original old spring in the cable reel. The specific operation method is to first open the back cover of the spring box of the reel, remove them together, and check whether there is any breakage. If so, you need to use a hook to pull it out, at least to a distance of about one meter, mainly to avoid danger.


Secondly, after removing the spring, put the new spring into the preparation, put it into the spring box and put the inner sleeve on it, and then fix it on it according to the appropriate direction. Finally, it needs to be checked again. If it is not drawn, it means that it has been Installation was successful.

Post time: Jul-07-2022